Am I allowed to wear a face shield?

Yes, the Ministry of Health have stated that face shields play a complementary role in helping to prevent the spread of Covid-19, along with mandatory use of masks, safe distancing measures and adequate personal hygiene.

With the partial lifting of the circuit breaker measures starting from today (2 June), it is more important than ever to take all adequate measures to reduce the risk of virus transmission. Wearing a face shield on top of a mask provides additional protection, according to the latest advice from the Ministry of Health published 1 June.  “Wearing a shield can help to protect one’s eyes from droplets that may contain virus particles and can also prevent the mask from getting wet. It may also help to stop people from adjusting their masks or touching their faces”, the guidance stated.

The Health Ministry's director of medical services, Associate Professor Kenneth Mak, said it is key to remember that face shields must be worn properly, covering the “entire face from the forehead to below the chin, wrapping around the sides of the face” for optimum protection.

The general public are still advised to stay at home and avoid going out where possible. However, for those who need to go out, the wearing of masks, in combination with other preventive measures such remain important to help reduce and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

 Lady wearing both mask and shield